Peanuts Dark Chocolate Spread

Peanuts Dark Chocolate Spread


Intensely peanutty (60%) and delicious with every type of bread, but especially on sweet challa.

  • Inspiration

    What could be better than peanut butter? Peanut butter with chocolate! We wanted to combine our two favourite things into one spread, and this is the yummy result.

  • Ingredients

    Peanuts, Cocoa powder,  Cane sugar (15%), Soy lecithin.

    Minimum cocoa solids: 24%.


    *May contain traces of peanuts, coconut and other tree nuts, soy, dairy and wheat due to shared equipment.

  • Nutritional Values (100 g)

    Energy: (kcal 486, kj 2035)

    Fat: (32.4) of which saturates (5.9)

    Carbs: (27.4) of which sugar (17.5) 

    Protein: (21.4)