Cinnamon - White Chocolate | Linden Chocolate Lab



A mild cinnamon aftertaste blends perfectly with the mellow creaminess of white chocolate. For us, it's like Christmas all year round.

  • Inspiration

    We love cinnamon! We cook with it in savoury dishes. We bake sweets with it. We add it to hot drinks as well! Given how well this spice goes with everything, why not turn it into delicious white chocolate?

  • Ingredients

    Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Skimmed milk powder, Cane sugar (16%), Cinnamon, Soy lecithin.

    Minimum cocoa solids: 34%.

    Minimum milk solids: 48%.


    *May contain traces of peanuts, coconut and other tree nuts, soy, dairy and wheat due to shared equipment.

  • Nutritional Values (100 g)

    Energy: (kcal 590, kj 2470),

    Fat: (42.6) of which saturates (27.2)

    Carbs: (37.3) of which sugar (36.5) 

    Protein: (14.5)