Public Talk: "The surprising science of chocolate"

Listen to our last public talk at the: IF Oxford: The Oxford Science and Ideas Festival

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Notes on chocolate: A hangover is no fun, but super silky chocolate worked its magic.

Barbieri, A. (2020), The Guardian

I was in Oxford, hungover after a wedding and sampling Linden’s Super Silky 67% milk, £5.75/85g. It remains one of my favourite dark milks... 

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Notes on chocolate: My New Year's resolution? Spread chocolate on it, thickly

Barbieri, A. (2020), The Guardian

Winners of the most unusual tasting spreads...

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Notes on chocolate: Chocolate helps make a perfect mulled wine

Barbieri, A. (2019), The Guardian

Fancy mulled wine but not as a drink?

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Notes on chocolate: Oxford’s local heroes

Barbieri, A. (2019), The Guardian

The real surprise and delight is discovering Oxford-based Linden Chocolate Lab, run by a couple who are PhD students...

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'Healthy chocolate' - this Oxford couple have created it!

Clayton, I. (2019), The Oxford Times, 27 June, p. 63

TIRED of the huge amounts of sugar in chocolate products, Yatir Linden has created his own chocolate business that values flavour over sweetness... read more


This was our second interview (17/2/19) since starting the business when we talked about the business and the inspiration behind the different flavours. We found out what Bill thought of them too! Unfortunately, copyright doesn't allow us to upload the interview.


Hear the full interview with us from 18/1/19 about our inspiration for opening the business including what the broadcaster thought about our chocolate.

BBC radio oxford interview with Linden Chocolate Lab

Linden Chocolate Lab. Creating Healthier Chocolate!

Recently, we got the chance to chat with Yatir Linden, who along with his wife Nitzan, is the founder of Linden Chocolate Lab. This husband and wife team are both studying their PhDs at Oxford University while growing their brand...  read more